In 2004 I became one of Ohio Art’s official Etch A Sketch artists.  Since that time the Etch A Sketch has proven to be a fascinating vehicle taking me to interesting places in my life and in my art.

Who would think that this iconic toy of the baby boomer generation would lead me into the office of a top Hollywood production designer, the studio of CBS This Morning or find me sharing my art studio with a PBS reporter and cameraman filming a segment for their Northwest Profiles series?  Creating Etch A Sketch art has brought me to all of these experiences.
husky dog
The Etch A Sketch has also proven to be a rich artistic vehicle.  As a drawing tool it certainly presents its own unique set of challenges.  I have found that it is those very challenges that are responsible for a line quality that can’t be replicated with any other tool.  That line quality mixed with my own style of drawing is what gives my work its distinctive style.

I have done many portraits of celebrities and am often commissioned to do children’s portraits and pet portraits.  I am currently working on a children’s animal alphabet and will be creating a series of prints based on these original images.

“Your Etch A Sketch art is incredible and most definitely the best ever Etch A Sketch animal renderings I have ever seen anywhere in the world” – William Killgallon, Chairman of the Board of the Ohio Art Company.

So far I have enjoyed my journey with the Etch A Sketch and look forward to the places we will venture to in the future.

           “A line is a dot that went for a walk” – Paul Klee